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The EGS Project

The EGS project lasted over 30 months – from September 2008 until February 2011. We started with the aim to strengthen the schools role in the energy revolution. It was our aim to improve the capacities of schools. Schools – so our idea – should participate in the process of improving energy efficiency in their local community; even more, they should play a key role here. Last but not least, we started to inform as many people as possible on energy efficiency and on renewable energy sources and, thus, to fill them with enthusiasm for the energy revolution.

Under the guidance of the scientific high school “N. Tron”, 22 partners from 10 European countries worked powerfully to achieve these goals.

In the EGS project, we developed classroom lessons, presentations and tools for the environmental management in schools. We will use them also now after the end of the EGS project as a basis for further success.

Join us for the Energy Revolution!Our local forums methodology enables schools to participate to the energy revolution at local level. Many communities in Europe are elaborating climate protection concepts now – our local forums methodology could be applied there, too.

In the local forums, we developed many powerful project ideas, which we desire to put into practice in the future.

We could involve partners at local, national and international level, which will go forward with us to an energy efficient world.

The project is over – let's start working! This is the leading idea of this website as well as of our project pamphlet (PDF, 1,5 MB - download it here or order it at the Environmental Office North, buero@umweltschulen.de). We invite you to a short look back. But most of all, we would like to introduce to you the tools and material, we have developed. We would like to encourage you to join the energy revolution and to use our outcomes and our expertise.

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The project is over – let's start working! Will you join us?!

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EGS Congress from Tilman Langner on Vimeo.

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Project Manager

Prof. Giorgio Pizzolato - Projektkoordinator, E-Mail: giorgio.pizzolato@tron.vi.it
Dr. Marco Devetta - Projektmanager, E-Mail: marco.devetta@tron.vi.it
Liceo Scientifico Statale "N. Tron", Schio, Vicenza – Italy, Tel.: +39-0445-521715

Dissemination Office

Umweltbüro Nord e.V. (Environmental Office North, registered association), Tilman Langner, E-Mail: tl@umweltschulen.de



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Achtung! Das ist eine Archiv-Seite! Dieses Projekt ist abgeschlossen. Das Umweltbüro hat sich im Jahr 2023 umbenannt, heißt jetzt „Umweltprojekte Nord e.V.“ und präsentiert sich mit seinen neuen Projekten auf https://umweltprojekte-nord.de