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The Clever Driving Contest

In the Versuchsreferat Steiermark and in the Agricultural Vocational College of Schlierbach, agriculture students were also trained in petrol-saving operation of heavy agricultural equipment during their regular training. The practical section of this training was organised as a content in order to stir the students’ competitive impulses.

In a feasibility study carried out in cooperation with the multi-disciplinary Institute for European Research in Graz, we investigated in what dimension such a content should take place. Three options were considered:

  • an internal event only at the LFS [Agricultural College of Schlierbach] Grottenhof Hardt;
  • a regional contest for all Styria;
  • a national contest for all Austria.

In this, the second and third options included the respective preceding options, but required additional activities at the same time. The best students were to compete in a region contest, but this assumes a prior elimination stage at the school level. In the interest of equal opportunity, teachers at all participating schools had to receive additional training so that they could train their students just as well as those at LFS Grottenhof Hardt are trained. The required time and effort thus increased considerably, at the same time considerably higher value was expected.

As a result of the feasibility study, the partners from Austria decided to implement Option 3 – including Options 1 and 2.

The projects were carried out in 2009–2010.

Clever DrivingClever Driving



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