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Manifesto for improving energy efficiency in schools

By signing this Manifesto, we make a commitment to increasing energy effciency in our local communities and regions.

With the present Manifesto we recognize that:

  • improving energy saving and energy effciency is one of the quickest, greenest, and most costeffective ways to address energy security, global energy justness and climate protection, and ensure sustainable economic growth in the long run;
  • measures to increase energy effciency and use of renewable energy sources allow a reduction in environmental pollution;
  • it is important and valuable to exchange and share information, experience and best practices which are the most effective means for promoting energy effciency and renewable energy sources;
  • schools need to play an important role in accelerating the dissemination and transfer of best practices and effcient technologies, which will contribute to the improvement of energy effciency locally and worldwide;
  • educating and making individuals and stakeholders of local communities more aware about energy effciency is a priority and must be reinforced.

The aim of this Manifesto is to facilitate and encourage actions that provide high energy effciency gains. The undersigned schools choose to take action in the areas of their interest on a voluntary basis.

The scope of the current Manifesto encompasses activities in the following areas:

  • engaging students through curriculum programs so as to explore energy issues and make
    changes to their own behaviour in the school;
  • development of methodologies for energy measurement and other tools to achieve optimal energy effciency control and performance;
  • developing a school-wide energy-effciency policy;
  • promptly exchanging measures, best practices and technologies that could significantly improve energy effciency in schools and in local communities;
  • supporting governments and local authorities to promote energy effciency and renewable energy sources.

In conclusion, we acknowledge that energy effciency and renewable energy sources are important basis for sustainable development because they contribute to environment and climate protection, to local job creation and economic growth, to security of energy supply, to independence from energy price fluctuations as well as social cohesion and innovation.


Please, make your adhesion to the manifesto public! Visit our homepage www.egs-project.eu/ and add your school/organization to the list of signers!

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Project Manager

Prof. Giorgio Pizzolato - Projektkoordinator, E-Mail: giorgio.pizzolato@tron.vi.it
Dr. Marco Devetta - Projektmanager, E-Mail: marco.devetta@tron.vi.it
Liceo Scientifico Statale "N. Tron", Schio, Vicenza – Italy, Tel.: +39-0445-521715

Dissemination Office

Umweltbüro Nord e.V. (Environmental Office North, registered association), Tilman Langner, E-Mail: tl@umweltschulen.de



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