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About www.umweltschulen.de

www.umweltschulen.de (www.sustainableschools.net) is a German-language online information service for teachers, specialists in education, staff in school administration and for everyone interested in environmental education.

www.umweltschulen.de was established in 1999 and currently has more than 1.600.000 pageviews per year.

www.umweltschulen.de is an official project as part of the UN Decade of Education ”Education for sustainable development“.

Take a look?

Do you need information on environmental protection for schools? Are you looking for suggestions, materials or partners for environmental education? Would you like to improve the quality of your school and at the same time be oriented toward the model of sustainable development? www.umweltschulen.de offers you background information, teaching and work materials on these topics as well as reports on model projects and particularly exemplary schools.

For example: Eco or sustainability audit in schools

Pupils should themselves oversee key topics of a sustainable development where relevant for them and in way feasible. The eco or sustainability audit helps you to create the necessary structures for this. Use the materials of umweltschulen.de for an environment or sustainability check. Assess the your results and derive measures for improvement. Involve colleagues, pupils and their parents. In doing so, update the operation of your school in accordance with the mission towards sustainable development. Be inspired by the many examples of successful implementation in schools or use them to motive your colleagues.

Other areas of focus include, for example, multimedia in environmental education or the environment library of Stralsund.

This wealth of material is organised in an easy-to-follow way and can be accessed via search engines. A free newsletter can inform you about new content 4-6 times a year.

English content on umweltschulen.de

Not much, but probably better than nothing ;-) The following content is available in English:

Please help me to enlarge the English content: I'm looking for volunteers, who translate German information into English!

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www.umweltschulen.de can be your gateway to German-speaking areas! Numerous renowned partners are already using www.umweltschulen.de as a platform to present their environmental projects.

There are different formats to do this, e.g.

All of these partners benefit from


www.umweltschulen.de is an information service of Tilman Langner. If you have questions or would like to collaborate with www.umweltschulen.de, you can contact me at any time (please do so in German or English).

Contact: Tilman Langner Umweltbildung – Umweltberatung
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