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Klimadetektive ist offizielles Projekt im Aktionsplan Klimaschutz Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
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The Climate Detectives campaign

The Climate Detectives campaign aims to provide as many secondary schools in Germany as possible the support regarding climate protection.

You are invited to use the materials of the campaign as well as our service and project ranges. Start protecting the climate at your school now. Train climate detectives, improve your CO2 footprint and explore the effects of climate change. If you are already active in climate protection or publish useful materials on it, please inform me so that I can circulate your good example in the campaign.

Information in Finish comes soon.

KlimadetektivClimate Detectives is a campaign organised by the Umweltbüro Nord e.V. We are a small charitable organisation which we founded in the Hansa city of Stralsund in 1997. We are predominantly involved in the area of environmental education. (www.umweltschulen.de/umweltbuero).

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